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Insurance IoT China Summit 2017

Release Date:2016-09-06

“Harness the full power of IOT across underwriting, pricing, claims and fraud to improve customer experiences, Maximize revenue and create new product opportunities ”


Internet of Things (IoT), has become an integral part of the global ecosystem and and has been overthrowing the insurance industry. Insurance companies need to reshape their own business model, and put the insurance and technology, ecosystem services and partners in close integration, and then transformed into a "Internet of Things insurer" to cope with the traditional business model growth challenges. According to Accenture's view, the Internet of Things will subvert the core of the insurance industry from three aspects. First, the customer is not just looking for a product, but a ready-to-get, service-oriented experience. Second, business types and risks are moving from product to service, and can not ignore the impact of a range of new risks. Third, cross-industry competitors are rapidly rising and forming a highly competitive market.


How insurance companies quickly take approach to respond to the profound changes that brought by the Internet of Things, of their traditional business models has become a hot topic of concern. The upcoming " Insurance IoT China Summit 2017", to be held on May 18-19, in Beijing, will invite 200+ worldwide leading insurance companies and IoT solutions providers to discuss how to harness the full power of IoT across underwriting, pricing, claims and fraud to improve customer experiences, Maximise revenue and create new product opportunities

Major Topics:

• Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges in IoT Adoption in China insurance market

• Discuss the profitable and sustainable new business models

• How to integrate IOT into your business operations

• Learn how to reduce losses by moving from reactive claims to automated,     proactive loss prevention

• IOT insurance product development strategies

• Explore how innovative technology will revolutionise next generation insurance including: artificial intelligence, drones, robots, sensors, mobile, apps, automated payments...

• How to secure your IOT including data safety and cyber security

• Develop digital customer engagement strategies, make IoT adoption to your customers’ expectations

• What are the investors’ perspective towards Insurtech startup

• Understand future development of IoT in insurance, including cognitive capabilities and blockchain and their applicability to Insurance IoT