Hello, welcome toChina Insurance IoT Summit 2017-Call for Paper!

China Insurance Telematics Summit 2016

08:00 Coffee Break & Registration

09:00 Chairman Welcoming Speech

09:10  Risk and Opportunities of Insurance IOT  

         • What are the current status of China insurance

         • What are the risk and challenges being faced

         • ROI Analysis of IOT adoption

         • What are the future opportunities


09:40  Developing Digital Customers Involvement and 

           Improve Customer Experiences

         • Discuss the real customer expectations from 

           insurance IOT services

         • Understand how your customer relationships will 

           change and how to engage and retain your 


         • How to incentivise customers with with rewards, 

           discounts and additional services

           He Wang, Vice President, PICC

10:10  What Are the Investors Perspective Towards IOT

         • How is the insurtech being funded

         • Examine the role of investors in difference 

           developing phase of insurtech company

         • How to grow IOT insurtech companies business

10:40  Networking &  Coffee Break

11:10  Panel Discussion: How to develop Innovative 

           Insurance IOT business models? Discuss on

           when, and where, to enter the market? Identify

           the partners that you need to cooperate with.

           What kind of services and support technology?

           How to define your future role in the new industry


12:00  Networking & Luncheon


13:30  Panel Discussion: How to Ensure Data 

           Monetization Make Sense for Your Business

           What data strategy will help insurance 

           company reach and understand customers

           better; Identigy which data to use? Who 

           will own the data? Identify any opportunities 

           to standardise data?

14:00  How to Add Value Across Your Business by

           Leveraging IoT and Data

         • How to develop IoT business use cases to 

           support your core operational areas

         • Develop a united IoT strategy

         • How to choose and work with the right 

           vendors o help develop and deploy 

           consumer your IoT solutions


14:30  How to Innovate Your IT Processes That 

           Compliment Operational IoT Functionality

         • How to make architecture upgrades and 

           future IoT plans for your business

         • How to integrate new software and innova-

           tive digital platforms that correspond to 

           back office functions

         • How to ensure your internal data visualiza-

           tion tools allow your employees to underst-

           and relevant real-time data to match your 

           incident response services


15:00  How to Redefine your Business when Imple-

           menting an IoT operational Stratergy

         • what will IoT mean for your department 

           including actuary, underwriter, claims adjuster, 

           fraud controller

         • How to promote your new services and 

           business offerings with sales, marketing, PR

         • How do you build a new vision for your 

           business as IoT moves from reactive claims 

           management to a proactive risk-response 


15:30 Networking &  Coffee Break

16:00  IoT for Product Strategies

         • make IoT work to generate business growth 

           to ensure premium rewarding doesn’t kill your


         • Review IoT shared economy products and 

           how to adapt to this market strategy

         • How to ensure timely product placement and 



16:30  Transform From Reactive to Proactive 

         • What skillsets are needed to make loss 

           prevention business operational?

         • Implications of automated claims handling

         • Use IoT to detect fraud


17:00  Leverage Analytics, AI and Machine 

           Learning to Detect Patterns of Behaviour 

           and Fit into Your IoT Strategy

17: 30  End of Summit Day One

Summit Day Two 

The 19th May 2017 / Friday

08:00  Coffee Break & Registration

09:00  Chairman Recap Day One Content

09:10  How to Drive Customer Adoption of 

           Connected Devices in the Home

         • How to foster good customer relationships 

           and reduce churn, Assess which stakeholders 

           will be the driving force 

         • Utilise IoT to help with prevention and loss 


         • Discover what’s really driving customer adoption 

         • Gain clarity over customer segmentation and 

           offer a truly personalised service


09:40  Leverage Data and Interoperability in the 

           Connected Home 

         • Realise the power of IoT to automatically 

           detect incidents

         • Identify products that have good design, are 

            reliable, convenient, robust and easy to use 

         • How can you use this data wisely?

         • How to analyse data from different devices to 

           create correlation between prevention and 


10:10  Discover Opportunity, Challenges and 

           Reality of IOT in Commercial Insurance

         • Assess developing opportunities of IoT in 

           SMEs, power plants, commercial buildings,

           smart agriculture etc.

         • Identify wich entities are most at risk

         • How to solve the challenges of that com-

           mercial entities were never connected 

         • Explore how AI, blockchain and automa-

           tion will drive efficiencies in commercial 

           insurance and how this ties into IoT


10:40   Networking & Coffee Break

11:10   Use IoT Tools to Develop Commercial 

            Insurance Strategies

          • Utilise real-time data from sensors and 

            connected devices 

          • Use sensors to predict potential break-

            downs, prevent damages and reduce 

            business interruption loss

          • Real case study of sensors in equipment 

            and uniforms to reduce personal risk in

            the workplace


11:40  Panel Discussion: Discuss the risks and 

           liabilities of autonomous vehicles, car 

           leasing, sharing and pooling? Who is 

           responsible for autonomous vehicle 

           crashes or causes a fatality the driver, the 

           car or the company? The way people driving

           is changing – what new business models 

           will this open up for the insurer? UBI – does 

           it work or what needs fixing?

12:10  Networking & Luncheon

13:30  Developing IoT Strategies in Connected Car

           and Telematics  

         • Case studies in deploying telematics – 

           successes and failures?

         • Understand international telematics models

           and usage

         • Evaluate devices that works best, mobile 

           apps or black box

         • Does crowdsourced data work for road

           collisions and claims?

         • How do you underwrite car sharing and P2P



14:00 Harness IoT in Connected Customer Health 

           & Life  

         • Assess the work ability of wearables, uptake

           and how to continue

         • How to design product that will stimulate 


         • Create customer stickiness and provide 

           incentives for long-term adoption beyond 

           price and vouchers, see how gamification, 

           access to healthcare professionals and 

           additional services will motivate customers

         • How to partner with medical facilitators and 

           app programmes


14:30  Identigy the Value of Data from Connected 

           Devices for Insurers and Customers

         • Explore the value of connected devices to 

           capture and store data

         • How can you make the data valuable for both

           insurer and consumer?

         • Explore the complexities of China regulations 

           and overcome any concerns your customers 

           may have


15:00  IoT 101 for Industry 4.0: Creating Digital 

           Customer Engagement Strategies that Work

         • Develop an IoT, advanced analytics and a 

           communication infrastructure – base on real 

           life experiences from the construction, engin-

           eering and banking world

         • Case studies on IoT transformation and 

           engagement strategies that have worked in 

           real world what has worked and what hasn’t 

         • Managing cyber risks, micro-economic risks 

           and reputation risks – how are insurers resp-

           onding as the rate of changes accelerates 

           with limited clarity and precedence?


15:30  Networking & Coffee Break

16:00  Panel Discussion: Who has liability over 

           cyber security, the human or the bot?

           Iron out legalities around data sharing and 

           cyber security – what do insurers need to

           know and how can this support the under-

           standing of liabilities; Looking at personal 

           and business cyber risks and who is to 

           blame if a breach is made; As cloud 

           computing brings business from the office 

           to the home, what are the issues around

           personal versus commercial cyber-attacks?

           Who needs to look at purchasing cyber 

           risk insurance: personal, business, public

           entities and how can insurers respond 

           with the right products?

16:30  Cybersecurity Risk Connected Technologies

         • How IoT is growing and evolving

         • Understand the characterization of the 

           growing cybersecurity risk

         • Discuss the ways to mitigate this risk and 

           the gaps that still need to be addressed

17:00 Panel Discussion: 

          Gamification and infotainment: how customers 

          connect with today’s digital world? Examples

          like Facebook, Linkedin where data sharing is 

          successful using a friendly user experience – 

          can this be replicated in insurance? Discuss In 

          what areas of insurance can gamification be 

          applied: does infotainment in the car, wellbeing 

          scoring for health insurance or safety scoring in

          the home make sense and how do you

          implement this?

17:30 End of the Summit 

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