Hello, welcome toChina Insurance IoT Summit 2017-Call for Paper!

• Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges in IoT 

   Adoption in China insurance market

• Discuss the profitable and sustainable new business models

• How to integrate IOT into your business operations

• Learn how to reduce losses by moving from reactive claims 

  to automated, proactive loss prevention

• IOT insurance product development strategies

• Explore how innovative technology will revolutionise next 

  generation insurance including: artificial intelligence, drones, 

  robots, sensors, mobile, apps, automated payments...

• How to secure your IOT including data safety and cyber 


• Develop digital customer engagement strategies, make IoT

  adoption to your customers’ expectations

• What are the investors’ perspective towards Insurtech startup

• Understand future development of IoT in insurance, including

  cognitive capabilities and blockchain and their applicability to 

  Insurance IoT