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1:Beijing Automobile Group Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC"), founded in 1958, is one of the main Chinese automobile group, has developed into a large state-owned automobile enterprise group covering vehicle R & D and manufacturing, general aviation industry, auto parts manufacturing, automobile service trade, investment and financing and other services.
1:ZKING PROPERTY&CASUALTY INSURANCE CO.,LTD. is approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to set up, the first headquarters in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, the national property insurance company. By the Jiangsu provincial state-owned capital, outstanding private enterprises to participate in the venture. ​
1:URTRUST INSURANCE CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Zhongcheng insurance) was founded in 2011,is the world's top 500 enterprises of Guangzhou Automobile Group and other large enterprises launched Professional Motors Insurance Corporation, the registered capital of 1 billion 500 million yuan. With good performance and strength,URTRUST INSURANCE CO.,LTD. has become China's first listed on the new board of professional Motors Insurance Corporation (securities code: 835987).
China Mobi
1:CMCC stands for "China Mobile Communications Corporation", for the Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc ("China Mobile"), established in April 20, 2000, is a company based on GSM, mobile operators TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE system network.
1:China Life Insurance (Group) Company and its subsidiaries constitute the largest commercial insurance group in China, which is one of the largest institutional investors in China's capital market.
1:Ping An insurance (Group) China Chinese is the first joint-stock insurance companies, has become one of the financial insurance, banking, investment three main business as a whole, the core financial and Internet banking services to the parallel development of personal financial service group.
Hangzhou w
1:Hangzhou wisdom Drive Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on UBI auto insurance services, the country's leading big data Internet companies. Companies to introduce the insurance industry's top European and American insurance actuarial pricing model, to build the company's core technology. Europe and the United States will be developed UBI auto insurance experience, combined with China's domestic experience, through the analysis of the vehicle driving big data, assessment, classification, to carry out UBI auto insurance services.
UBiAi Tech
1:UBiAi Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (UBiAi Technology) is a leading vehicle for large data networking application service enterprise, the founding team from Benz, Accenture and Flextronics international enterprises. The company is committed to the car networking big data mining and applications, in order to accelerate the transformation of automobile enterprises to service oriented enterprises, and to drive the innovation of automobile insurance, second-hand car and car finance and other industries.
Sunshine P
1:Sunshine Property Insurance was established in July 2005, is the main business of property insurance business of the national insurance company
1:Beijing NavInfo Polytron Technologies Inc (referred to as: NavInfo, Shenzhen Stock Code: 002405) is a digital map content, China leading car networking and dynamic traffic information service, location related business intelligence solutions provider of geographic information products has always been committed to providing professional, high-quality and services for global customers. After ten years of development, has become a large NavInfo group has eight wholly-owned subsidiaries and eight holding, six shares of the company of joint-stock enterprises. As the world's fourth largest, China's largest digital map providers, the company's products and services to fully meet the automotive navigation, consumer electronic navigation, the Internet and Mobile Internet, government and enterprise applications and other required. In the global market, highly digital map, NavInfo brand dynamic traffic information and vehicle networking services have been widely recognized by many customers and Industry ​
1:CHAINWAY Co.,Ltd.as a leading enterprise in the field of car networking, focusing on car networking for 18 years, has a wealth of industry experience. Become a strict product management system, adhere to independent research and development, its own products are national mandatory product certification.
1:ROAD CHINA ASSISTANCE belongs to Spain MANFA group, MANFA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese in rescue. ROAD CHINA ASSISTANCE services covering road rescue, vehicle warranty, travel assistance and other value-added services, comprehensive service network covering the whole country, and seamless MANFA rescue global network. Professional services team has a variety of language skills of customer service staff, as well as doctors, auto machinery experts and other professionals, to provide 365 days *24 hours of high-quality service. Road China Rescue With many domestic automobile manufacturers,car dealers as well as China's most important insurance companies and banks to establish a long-term cooperative relations. With international experience, localized operations, as well as professional and perfect supplier network, the road to China to provide efficient, timely and professional full range of services for the user to provide a full range of services.
1:HUAWEI is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, dedicated to the field of ICT, adhere to the steady operation and continuous innovation, openness and cooperation in telecom operators, enterprises, terminals and cloud computing and other areas to build the advantage of end-to-end solutions for operators, customers, business customers and consumers provide competitive ICT solutions, products and services, and to enable the future information society, build better joins the whole world.
State Grid
1:State Grid Yingda group was renamed in December 20, 2010 by the former State Grid Asset Management Limited company formation, is a national Power Grid Corp funded the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of the registered capital of 16 billion yuan. State Grid Yingda group as the State Grid Yingda group core business, authorized by the national Power Grid Corp, in accordance with the corporate governance procedures to fulfill management responsibilities, in strategy, planning, investment, budget, human resources and risk control of group owned enterprises to implement unified management and supervision.
1:Neusoft is a global IT solutions and services company, is committed to information technology through innovation to promote the social development and change, creating a new way of life for the people, create value for society. Neusoft is China's first listed software company, is also the first through the CMM5 and CMMI (V1.2) 5 certification of Chinese software companies
1:DNA is a digital network based on genetic engineering application in vehicle networking technology company. The network innovation car has great social and economic benefits for the IOT, CPS, ITS, Internet security, information source, network real name, privacy protection, security trading, car networking finance, big data application etc..
Beijing In
1:Beijing Insurance Research Institute ( referred to as: Paul Institute, English abbreviation: BIRI) is the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to build the support of the insurance industry reform and development of high-end think tank. ​
1:IBM (International Business Machines Corp) or universal Business Machines Corp, global information technology and business solutions company.IBM is using the cognitive technology,big data analysis and cloud services, boost the industry of recasting the business model.
1:Allianz Group (Allianz) has 125 years of history, is now operational in more than and 70 countries and regions, to provide customers with 24 hours of global emergency rescue and travel support services. Allianz Schengen global travel insurance, travel insurance, travel insurance in Asia, adult health insurance coverage by the majority of users of the trust,by virtue of the strong global insurance services in China strength, Allianz has harvest tens of millions of users trust.
China Insurance IoT Summit 2017-Call for Paper

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200+Senior Decision Makers will Attend!